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DivX 5.0

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Initial public version of DivX Pro 5.0.
  • MPEG-4 Compatibility. DivX Pro is able to decode all levels of MPEG-4 Simple Profile, MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile, and H.263 video. It is also capable of encoding MPEG-4 Simple Profile and MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile video. (ISO/IEC 14496-2).
  • DivX® MPEG-4 file format. DivX Pro includes support for the new DivX® MPEG-4 file format. It is able to decode and encode fully compliant MPEG-4 files.
  • Smaller file sizes. The advanced techniques and tools of DivX Pro mean that the same visual quality can be achieved at up to 41% smaller file sizes than DivX 4.x. This represents up to an additional 25% improvement over DivX 5.0.
  • Integrated video encoding tools. DivX Pro includes built-in video encoding tools that are tightly integrated with the core codec. De-interlacing, resizing, cropping, and intelligence inverse telecine and deinterlacing tools are included in the software. These are commonly used tools that would normally have to be provided by separate applications. Integrating these tools directly into DivX Pro provides for faster performance and better results.
  • Pre-processing. DivX Pro includes patent-pending noise reduction pre-processing algorithms that can dramatically improve the compression performance on video sources that normally contain a lot of noise such as older movies.
  • Psychovisual modeling. DivX Pro includes psychovisual modeling, an advanced technique that takes into account knowledge about how the Human Visual System (HVS) works to compress moving video images into much smaller sizes without a loss of video quality. Expect up to 20% smaller file sizes from using this feature.
  • Bi-directional encoding (B-frames). Full support for bi-directional encoding (B-frames). Using this feature will improve compression ratios and produce equivalent visual quality at smaller file sizes.
  • Global motion compensation. Global motion compensation provides special encoding tools to deal with common panning and zooming sequences within video sources. The GMC functionality allows these types of sequences to be compressed must more effectively.
  • Quarter pel. DivX Pro includes the capability to analyze block movements from frame to frame to the quarter pel level, improving compression ratios at equivalent visual quality.
  • Data partitioning. DivX Pro includes support for data partitioning, where the software organizes the video data differently in the video stream, making the video stream more resilient to transmission errors when it is broadcast over lossy networks.
  • Advanced support for existing encoding applications. All the advanced new features of DivX Pro are designed to work immediately with existing video encoding applications and

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