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Beyond Compare 3.1.10

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Beyond Compare 3.1.10  Cambio de registro

* File Formats
- Improved "Perl Scripts" definition of string.

* File Views
- Fixed thumbnail so it updates the viewport position immediately when rapidly scrolling.

* Folder Compare
- Fixed "Next/Previous Difference" so it doesn't skip archive files.
- Fixed "Copy to Folder" handling of "C:\" as destination.
- Fixed file sizes not to be displayed in scientific notation.

- Fixed crash when closing "FTP Browse" dialog while it's still loading folders.
- Fixed crash when loading an SFTP connection to SunOS.
- Fixed problems connecting through the DeleGate FTP proxy.
- Fixed support for parsing LynxOS FTP folder listings with contiguous files and IPC special files.
- Fixed setting timestamps on newer IIS FTP servers.

* Home View
- Fixed intermittent crash when deleting only remaining session.

* Misc
- Fixed tooltip appearance on Vista/Windows 7 with theming enabled and customized ToolTip font.
- Fixed themed tooltips not to flash a yellow background on Vista/Windows 7.
- Fixed crash when opening new tab on Windows 7.
- Fixed tab control scrolling the active session tab into view.
- Fixed restoring window size/position when saving the previous values failed.
- Fixed Export crash after "Unable to save settings as" message shown.
- Added context help to various dialogs.

* MP3 Compare
- Fixed crash when unable to play files on some systems.

* Picture Compare
- Fixed "File Info" so it does not draw using selection colors.

* Reports
- Fixed print preview handling of footers when there are multiple pages.
- Fixed Folder Compare reports to include path column when ignoring folder structure.
- Fixed Text Compare reports when one only one file has blank last line.
- Fixed Text Compare "Patch" reports (broken in 3.1.7).

* Scripting
- Fixed crash when writing report to file with "output-options:" set to "print-color" or "print-mono".

* Sessions
- Improved behavior when shared sessions file is on an unavailable network drive.

* Text Views
- Fixed handling of blank lines in grammar item lists.
- Fixed recalculation of comparison when inserted lines affect delimited grammar items.
- Fixed PDF comparisons of files with extended characters in their names (broken in 3.1.9).

* Text Compare
- Fixed search and replace handling of mixed line endings when they are compared.
- Fixed crash when completely deleting all visible text.

* Text Merge
- Improved error handling during loading of files.

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