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Avant Browser 11.7 Build 19 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Avant Browser 11.7 Build 19  Cambio de registro

* Fixed the bug stopping Avant Browser from tiling properly along with other application windows
* Fixed the bug where "Avant Browser" kept being shown in the UserAgent string
* Fixed the bug stopping the uploaded files from being attached to the Attachments list
* Fixed the bug where the Email button on floating toolbar caused Avant to crash
* Fixed the bug stopping the Minimize button on the windows toolbar from functioning like the one in the top right corner
* Fixed the bug that the successively opened popup windows keep moving to the bottom of the screen
* Fixed the bug that wasn't supporting the scrollbar outline style property
* Fixed the displaying miscoded username bug in Autofill
* Fixed the bug where the address bar drop down list screened the address bar if you set the tab bar to the bottom
* Fixed the bug that Chinese hints of the search results of the bookmarks are miscoded
* Fixed the bug where the Autofill is not working in some pages
* Fixed the bug which the RSS items are unread if you opened them in new windows
* Fixed the bug that stopped the address bar from being selected with ALT+D or F6 if the cursor was already focused in the address bar
* Fixed the bug stopping the focus from switching between words in the address bar with CTRL + a direction key
* Fixed the bug where the bookmarks bar and the Organize Bookmarks window is blank if you checked Use IE Favorites as bookmarks option
* Fixed the bug that kept the browser temporarily freezing up sometimes when you were visiting a blocked URL
* Updated the displaying and disappearing time of the floating toolbar

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