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Avant Browser 10.1.22

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Avant Browser 10.1.22  Cambio de registro

* Improved Speed/Stability.
* Improved Flash Blocker.
* Improved Drag-and-Drop.
* Improved History Support.
* Improved scroll support.
* Fixed the bug of clear web forms.
* Allow multiple instances.
* Customizable mouse gestures.
* Customizable mouse buttons functions.
* Customizable tab to activate after closing a tab.
* More customizable standard buttons.
* Drop down button for history button, display last 120 visited web pages.
* New compact view.
* New: "hold the right button and click with the middle button" to
close/refresh a window.
* New: Open In New Browser Item in the right click menu for links and bitmap.
* New: Getting Start Wizard dialog
* New Copy URL button on the float bar.
* New Open in New Window button on the float bar.
* New Favorite Context Menu Item: Create Favorite in This Folder.
* Maintain Width/Height ratio when zoom pictures.
* Added Context Menu to group links.
* Added Context Menu to Back/Forward drop-down menu.
* Accept to drop a list of URLs, and open them one by one.
* Save options in "Open a Link" dialog.

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