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AOL Instant Messenger Beta  Cambio de registro

The Beta 4 build of AIM 6.8 is now available and ready for testing. We've heard your feedback and made some significant updates to this version.

Updates to this release include:

* Notifying buddies of the plugins you have installed by posting them in your Buddy Updates, controlled from a new preference added to the Privacy tab in settings
* Minor UI updates to the plugin "Top Picks" manager
* Internet Explorer 7 support and AIM 6.8 software detection for AIM Gallery
* Default AIM chrome color changed from "Love, AIM" to "Skinny Dip" black and blue chrome
* A replace option for Load Buddy List

Also look for additional plugins now available: IM Freaqs, Haiku, AIM Stats and more. Click "Get More" at the bottom of your Buddy List window and click through "Most Downloaded" and "Most Recently Updated".

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