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AOL Instant Messenger Beta  Cambio de registro

* Certain animated GIFs should no longer have redraw problems in preview/thumbnail area at bottom of Pictures window in Instant Images session
* The Send button in the IM window is no longer enabled when the Compose field is empty
* After being signed on for a while, the Windows 'Default Beep' sound no longer plays instead of the appropriate buddy sound
* While having a tabbed IM session with an unread IM and any Module open, pressing ALT + Shift + F4 no longer causes the module to go blank if focus is on the Buddy List
* "Unknown Caller" in the Call Alert window titlebar no longer disappears after answering a call from an unknown caller
* After signing off while Buddy List was docked, the Sign On screen no longer snap to whichever side the BL was docked to
* +/- menu at the bottom of the Buddy List now displays the shortcut keys for Add Buddy and Add Group
* AIM no longer freezes while starting a talk or video session with ZoneAlarm® installed on Windows® Vista®
* Members should no longer be ejected from buddy chat
* Opening up a new unaddressed IM window (CTRL + N) no longer results in debug message "Send call. Method: Arial. Moniker:viewFactory.createFontbarView. EEResults=6"
* The yelling emoticon (smiley) is now displayed correctly in Buddy Info
* Keyboard scrolling is no longer very slow at lower portion of large Offline group in Buddy List
* The Mute button now resets when session is ended by other user
* When selecting "Show My Expression" option on IM form, input field no longer takes up entire area and your expression still shows in both places
* The 'Lost or Broken PassCode?' link on the PassCode screen during login now works correctly
* Getting Buddy Info on a cell number no longer results in "Error on buddyfeed pull 600"
* Get Buddy Info item is no longer disabled in Buddy List's View menu when a group name is selected

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