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ACDSee 2.1

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ACDSee 2.1  Cambio de registro

  • + Added support for SoftImage PIC format
  • + Shortcuts to images are now handled transparently
  • + Added Cut, Copy and Paste commands to Browser for file management
  • + Added Copy Image commands to allow images to be copied to the clipboard
  • + Added Paste command to Viewer to allow files copied from Explorer to be pasted into the image list
  • + Revised Move/Copy Overwrite options, adding auto-rename
  • + Added "Slideshow" and "Slideshow Recursive" commands to Viewer
  • + Added "Save defaults" button to Options dialog – options are no longer permanently saved when OK is pressed
  • + Added shell open/edit commands to Viewer
  • + Added option to hide Browser path box ("View > Controls > Path box")
  • + Added Remove All command to Move/Copy Files dialog box
  • + Added "Tools > Generate File List" command
  • + Added "Image List > Highlight Image Files" option
  • + Added "/p" command line option for printing images
  • + Added FileName edit box to Move/Copy Files Dialog box when a single file is being moved to allow it to be renamed
  • + Added "Apply to all" checkbox to Edit File Description dialog to allow a single description to be applied to several files at once
  • + In full screen mode, you can press and hold down the b, t and m keys to temporarily show the status bar, the tool bar and the menu, respectively.
  • + "Oem convert" option for file descriptions
  • + Option to show full image file path in Viewer
  • + "Show hidden files" option is now available directly from the Browser window (View menu or Ctrl+H)
  • Added selected file name to status bar of Browser
  • Changed default renamed file in Move/Copy to use a unique postfix number instead of "Copy of…"
  • Added option to disable open/remove commands
  • "Exit after delete/move" now causes the Viewer to exit to the Browser when the last image in the image list is deleted or moved (only if ACDSee was started in Browser mode)
  • Internal move/copy is used for drag and drop file operations now (except folders)
  • Added new Read Image Headers option : "Only on non-floppy and non-CDROM disks"
  • Numeric keypad +/- now expand/collapse items in folder tree
  • The current parent folder name is shown in the title bar of the Browser
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to help menu
  • Rearranged Browser File List context menu
  • Reversed the meaning of Ctrl and Shift when applied to Delete command to better
  • Limited WMF bitmap size to prevent use of too much memory when displaying WMF files of large dimensions
  • Added support for IFF-HAM, IFF-HAM8 and IFF-EHB
  • Added support for TIFF-CMYK, PSD-CMYK and JPEG Adobe CMYK
  • Prevented selection of next item in list if a multiple move operation was just completed and all files were successfully moved. Instead, the next item just receives the focus.
  • The setting of the "Hide non-image files" option is no longer automatically saved on exit
  • Preview/Next Page commands added to Viewer toolbar when a multi-page image is viewed
  • !! several problems displaying animated GIF images
  • !! Visible glitch in split bars after adjusting
  • !! ACDSee would hang when decoding truncated IFF images
  • !! Viewer title bar did not update after a rename or after a Remove All command
  • !! Auto-refresh into sorted position was not working correctly
  • !! Browser did not always detect file description changes made in the Viewer
  • !! Sort mechanism was ignoring ‘-‘ and ‘’’ characters
  • !! "Browse with ACDSee" shell command appeared in non-file folders such as Recycle Bin and My Computer
  • !! Colour component alignment problem with non-interleaved PCX images
  • !! Various auto-refresh bugs
  • !! Double-update flicker problem when switching images in Viewer in auto-zoom
  • !! Preferred window size was saved incorrectly when flipping out of Full-Screen mode
  • !! Preview image did not appear when set to be to the left of the file list and the folder tree was turned off
  • !! Crash when converting 24bpp images when running in 256 colours
  • !! new OS/2 bitmaps were not read correctly
  • !! Glitch in the rightmost 8 pixels of some 2-colour GIF images
  • !! Preview in progress was unnecessarily cancelled and restarted during an auto-refresh event
  • !! File being decoded in viewer could not be renamed
  • !! File list filtering was not working in Browser
  • !! Subfolders were not updated when a parent folder was renamed in the folder tree
  • !! GIF dimensions were not interpreted correctly for some images
  • !! Various glitches with randomized slide shows
  • !! Fixed a bug displaying interlaced GIF images with only 2 rows
  • !! Fixed bug that made Rename button on MCReplace dialog skip file if user had skipped a previous image in the same move/copy operation
  • !! Fixed bug that refreshed the file list unnecessarily when deleting a file with auto-refresh, read image headers and save image info in description options on
  • !! Fixed problem with wallpaper not being updated in WinNT 4.0 and Memphis
  • !! Fixed problem reading PSD subtypes BITMAP and LAB, and those with extra channels
  • !! Fixed problem reading IFF images with masking==mskHasTransparentColor
  • !! Fixed problem handling short (8.3) filenames passed via DDE or on command-line when the "View All" option was turned on

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