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XChat 2.6.5

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XChat 2.6.5  Cambio de registro

- Randomized the lookup of round robin hostnames, since WinSock does
not cycle through them and always picks the first address only.
- Tree Views now have dotted connecting lines.
- The Browse button in the DCC download folder settings now opens a
proper folder-chooser dialog (not supported on Windows 98).
- The python plugin is now fully dynamic and can be safely installed
even if you don't have Python right now.
- DCC file transfers via HTTP, Socks4 or Socks5 proxy is now supported.
- Timestamps are now preserved in the /lastlog command. Also fixed a
bug where the separator line disappeared during /lastlog.
- Made the setup window a little neater and Gnome-like.
- Improved the notify window a little and fixed a small memory leak.
- Fixed CTCPs being truncated in the RawLog window.
- Added an option to open a "Save As..." dialog when receiving a DCC
file offer.
- Fixed a crash if you try to remove a network from the list while it's
in a auto-reconnect delay.
- Python: Fixed some memory usage bugs.
- Perl: Turned on utf8 flag for things that should have it on.

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