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X-Chat 2.6.9

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X-Chat 2.6.9  Cambio de registro

  • When called with --help or -?, the command line options are now displayed even in DOS.
  • Special-cased BRASnet for nickserv.
  • Plugin Interface:
    • Added fields: lag, queue to the \"channels\" list.
    • Added fields: sizehigh to the \"dcc\" list.
    • Added fields: networks to the \"notify\" list.
    • Added /GETFILE command, to open a file dialog.
    • Command hooks that start with a period (\'.\') will now be hidden from /HELP and /HELP -l.
  • Fixed: [1544960] quitting via tabs behaves bad on bncs.
  • Fixed: [1568931] treeview problem: closing tabs by holding shift and clicking.
  • \"Clear\" button in Ban List window now has a \'Are you sure?\' dialog for safety.
  • The notify list can now contain entries specific to only one or more IRC networks.
  • Userlist popup menu and buttons: added %e for \'current network name\'.
  • Added option: \'Flash taskbar on any private messages\'.
  • Added a new encoding choice: \"IRC (Latin-1/UTF-8 hybrid)\". How it works is described at:
  • Improved the identd server to handle multiple connections when you auto- connect to a lot of networks at once.
  • The Python plugin now uses the latest Python 2.5.
  • The Move File function now uses a thread so it doesn\'t hold up XChat while moving (this is for the \"Move completed files to:\" DCC feature).

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