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Wuala (Affoltern)

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* Sync: You can now synchronize local folders with Wuala. The same wuala sync folder can be synchronized to local folders on many computers. All changes a user makes in these local folders or even in wuala are replicated to wuala and all other local folders connected to the same wuala folder
* Removed Tabs: We have integrated the tabs accross the top (myfiles, etc.) into the well known folder tree view. We have introduced two new top level elements for Backups and Sync Folders
* Visual Refresh: We have a whole new set of Icons and colors. Backup and Sync are shown as annotations on folders. Sharing status is still shown with the colors yellow/blue/red. In the thumbnail view, we additionally show an icon on the folder when it is shared or public
* Folder Thumbs Are Gone: By default, we now longer show thumbnails on folders. You can turn them back on in the advanced preferences.
* No More World Tab: We have removed the world tab. There is a new dialog that allows to find groups. For finding public files, we recommend using the web search engine of your choice. We have taken measures to ensure that public files are indexed freqently
* 64bit Support for Mac: We can now run in both 32-bit and 64bit Java virtul machines on Mac OSX
* Removed FSI Delay: We now longer delay changes made on the wuala drive. This should improve the stability of the FSI and reduce dataloss in case of crashes. The FSI now uses a breaking mechanism to prevent changes from piling up when network connectivity is bad

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