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WinPatrol 26.1.2013.0

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WinPatrol 26.1.2013.0  Cambio de registro

- Bug fixed in the" First Detected" Date for Active Tasks
- Bug fixed when hidding the Scotty System Tray icon.
- No more Error message when programs are Uninstalled but left in WinPatrol's Delayed Start list.
- Scheduled Tasks 1.0 differentiated from new Scheduled Tasks 2.0
- New Option to "Run As Adminstrator" for any programs launched by WinPatrol in Delayed Start list.
- Added Minimize, Maximize buttons as requested by just about everyone for the last 15 years. While not typically used in tabbed windows popular demand encouraged the development of tricks to make it happen.
- Complete update of WinPatrol Help pages. Documentation is included locally and is available on each tab by clicking blue help icon. This feature has been considered essential for new and/or non-expert users. Each help file includes a link to any updated information including better ways to teach WinPatrol based on user feedback.
- On many machines Windows 8 boots so quickly there is no time to press F8 to open Safe Mode. A little known feature to Reboot to a Windows 8 Advanced Repair/Restore mode replaces Windows Safe Mode. This new feature is currently only available in WinPatrol PLUS. Just right-click on any file and select "Restart Windows for Repair in Safe Mode."

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