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Winamp 2.01

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Winamp 2.01  Cambio de registro

  • Nitrane 1.20 MPEG decoder.
    • Vastly improved layer 2 and layer 1 support. Supports all layer 2 streams, does correct EQ and Visualization.
    • Better handling of switched-bitrate files and indirect streaming.
    • More optimizations, etc.
  • MIDI Playback (primitive, but working). With volume control :)
  • New playlist editor font system in 2.01 -- uses system fonts and is resizable
  • Tons of bugfixes and slight usability improvements
    • Up/down arrow (and mousewheel) control in Windowshade Playlist.
    • Changed the EQ so that you can click and drag across bands to quickly set it
    • Fixed some stupid window-related paint bugs
    • Fixed silly position bar moving bug
    • Added checks to playlist width and height to avoid overgrowth
    • Fixed some weirdisms in the skin selection box's sorting.
    • Fixed a hide-mainwindow-while-minimizing bug.
  • HTML Playlist generator (useful for printing)

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