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* VMM: fixed recompiler crashes under certain conditions
* VMM: fixed running 64-bit guests on 32-bit host with nested paging enabled on AMD CPUs (4.0 regression)
* VMM: fixed timing issues / hangs for certain guests using the programmable interval timer
* VMM: large page and monitoring fixes for live snapshots
* GUI: fixed error message when trying to exceed the maximum number of host network interfaces
* GUI: fixed saving of changes to the metadata of an existing snapshot
* GUI: fixed rare crash on X11 hosts
* GUI: when selecting a shared folder, start the file dialog in the users home directory
* ExtPack: enforce the correct permissions which might be restricted by umask when creating directories (non-Windows hosts only)
* VBoxSDL: fixed crash when starting by specifying the VM UUID (4.0 regression)
* VBoxManage: allow savestate even if the VM is already paused
* VBoxManage: fixed modifyvm --synthcpu
* VBoxManage: fixed hang when doing guestcontrol execute –wait-for exit and displaying process status on exit
* VBoxManage: decreased CPU load during guestcontrol execute –wait-for exit/stdout while waiting for the guest process to terminate
* VBoxManage: fixed list hostdvds/hostfloppies
* VBoxManage: fixed storageattach for host DVD drives and host floppy drives
* Metrics: introduced RAM/VMM base metric.
* Main: improved sanity check when taking a VM screen shot
* Main: fixed a crash under rare circumstances if a VM failed to start
* Main: fixed attaching of immutable disk images
* Main: fixed a crash at VM shutdown
* Main: fixed incorrect handling of cross-referenced medium attachments
* Settings: fixed truncating of big integer values (4.0 regression)
* Settings: properly store the ICH9 chipset type
* Host-Only & Bridged Networking: fixed VBox DHCP server startup issue for Windows hosts (4.0 regression)
* Host-Only Networking: re-create vboxnetX interfaces after vboxnetadp.ko module reload on Linux and Darwin
* NAT: fixed an mbuf leak under rare circumstances
* ACPI: don’t allow the guest to enter S4 by default and don’t announce S1 and S4 in the ACPI tables if disabled
* Graphics card: made re-enabling disabled screens work correctly to prevent problems when X11 guests enter screen saving mode
* Storage: fixed write errors with snapshots if the host cache is disabled (4.0 regression)
* ATA/SATA: fixed reset handling after ACPI suspend/resume
* BusLogic: fixed hang with SMP VMs
* Serial: another attempt to prevent lost characters during transmission
* Linux hosts/guests: Linux 2.6.38-rc1 compile fixes
* Mac OS X hosts: fixed VBoxSVC crash when listing host interfaces without default gateway (64-bit hosts only)
* Solaris/Darwin hosts: fixed VM CPU execution cap
* X.Org guests: fixed a crash on X server restart
* X.Org guests: support X.Org Server 1.10 pre-release and Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha.
* X.Org guests: Add EDID emulation in the graphics driver to prevent GNOME settings daemon changing the mode on login.
* X.Org guests: never send graphics modes to the host that older VirtualBox versions can’t handle.
* Linux Additions: fixed a memory leak in the shared folders code if a host link is not readable
* Windows Additions: fixed handling of Security Attention Sequence (SAS) with VBoxGINA

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