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ToDoList 6.4

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ToDoList 6.4  Cambio de registro

- Added support for 'natural' sorting (a la Explorer-sorting)
- Added support for 'new' style file-open dialog under Vista/Windows 7
- Added file version to backups, so that no new version will overwrite the backups of a previous version
- Added preference to Calendar plugin to specify font size
- Added 'task path' column to list
- Added option to display entire sub tree of filtered task
- Added options to expand due/started tasks only
- Added 'selected tasks' filter
- Added 'and parent task' to selection dialog
- Added 'Tags' task attribute
- Added preferences to better manage backup paths
- Added commandline switches for the remaining task attributes, and to control how new tasks are created
- Added much-improved Outlook drag'n'drop support
- Added support for unc paths in comments field
- Added 'selected tasks' filter
- Added options for specifying backup paths
- Added 'include parent task' to selection dialog (Export, Print, Transform)
- Added 'Save Tasklist As' to tasklist tabbar context menu
- Added 'Recalc from start date' to recurrence dialog
- Added popup dialog for choosing how to link to files in richtext comments
- Added support for military time to start/due/completed time droplists (eg. 0530, 1705)
- Added support for edit fields to be positioned to the right of the task view. Useful for wide, shallow displays.

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