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The Bat! Home Edition 5.0.12  Cambio de registro

-"When browsing messages, retrieve only message text" and "Except messages smaller than" options must be enabled by default
- Deleting IMAP folder cache causes wrong Total messages account counter
- Incorrect port was displayed for IMAP accounts on Account Info panel
- Message List: Sorting Subject/From/To groups by latest time was not functional
- Inline graphics disappear when opening multiple messages
- When both options to automatically mark message as read were switched off, messages still were marked as read
- message about old format in new versions
- Handling reply/forward commands for inline viewers of messages wasn't working properly
- Replied filters wasn't executed automatically
- 5.0.8 AVs while switching between pictures tabs in message view
- Deletion attachments was not refreshing messages in the Finder's message list
- HTML QT included in TEXT Folder template produces HTML code in Microed
- IMAP download preferences specified in account settings wasn't used by default in all folders
- the TO field was not focused when a message was forwarded in non-MIME format
- Thread operations were ignoring date grouping
- Empty folders function was broken in v5
- IMAP : Option "When inactive, disconnect after" does not work
- Rethreading function was working wrong when the dragged message was droppend onto itself causing hiding of the message from the list
- Delete button was working as "delete and follow next" when message list was switched off in the separate message list viewer
- message export/save as function was using non-modal file save dialogue causing problems on some systems
- Option "Play sound when new mail arrives" doesn't work
- Print function is now functional in the image viewer
- The last used Address Book was not recalled after restart
- Connection Centre : Log window is empty for POP and SMTP tasks
- When encrypting a message, The Bat! will no loger use SubjectKeyIdentifier for compatibility with other programs which do not support this structure.
- In S/MIME signatures, the attribute ESSCertIDv2 is now added.
- EML/MSG/VCF association erro under WinXP when saving Preferences dialog
- Reading Confirmations could not be generated
- v5.0.8 fails to print large messages to the end
- AV when switching to "Subscribed only" tab in IMAP folder manager
- Folder Information Panels Bug!
- Links in HTML mail get mangled
- Drag and drop message in same folder
- All messages after review of properties of a folder are lost - Russian version (5.0.8(.1))
- Replies to messages from .EML files were empty
- Sending a file from Windows Explorer was not working
- Image smileys were not working when The Bat! was started from a desktop shortcut with no "Start in" folder defined
- IMAP : Option "Mark deleted messages as read" in IMAP account properties is not applied
- When clicking Minimize, Maximize, Close Button in v5.0.8, the program hangs a while, and the cursor can't be moved.

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