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SnagIt 5.0.2

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SnagIt 5.0.2  Cambio de registro

  • Added applying image processing effects to a specific region from the "Capture Preview" and "Catalog Viewer" windows.
  • Added the ability to capture multiple regions of the screen at one time. You can also deselect a region that you have already selected.
  • Added post processing from the "Capture Preview" and the "Catalog viewer" windows, for Watermark, Annotation, Border, and Trim effects.
  • Improved scrolling window coverage, we now scroll some windows that couldn't be scrolled.
  • Added a delayed capture option. This allows a delay before a capture is started.
  • Added schedule capture based on a time and date. Allows you to setup a time and date when Snagit will perform a capture.
  • Added TWAIN support for scanners and digital cameras.
  • Added an output option which sends a capture to Studio.
  • Added the ability to capture non rectangular areas (shapes).
  • Added the ability to save printer settings within Snagit.
  • Added the ability to support TARGA files.
  • Added the ability to scroll windows horizontally in addition to vertically.
  • Added a Zoom feature which provides a magnifying window so you can see an enlarged area around the mouse cursor.
  • Added a "tip of the day" feature, this will give a help tip on using Snagit.
  • Improved AutoScroll performance by as much as 10 times in some cases.
  • Loading (decompressing) and saving (compressing) JPEG files have been hand-optimized for (MMX, PII and PIII). Most files now compress 100% faster and decompress 50% faster.
  • Text capture efficiency has been improved and is now faster on Windows NT.
  • Timer settings are now assigned per profile.
  • We now provide a registry fix for the error "AvI Class Not Registered" by using the "Avifix.reg" file.
  • Add the ability to capture desktop Wallpaper using Snagit.
  • Changed the default JPG file quality from 75% to 90%.

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