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RocketDock 1.3.1

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RocketDock 1.3.1  Cambio de registro

- Improved Running Indicators to be more efficient and not require a timer
- Added a new "Warnings" tab in Dock Settings that will appear if known and solvable problems exist
- Added "Debug.exe" to assist in debugging Mods (and for our internal use in debugging RD). It also will show the contents of any generated "Debug Info" files for our more paranoid users.
- Moved "LanguageID Finder.exe" to the Tools directory.
- Changed docklet handling of OnConfigure() and other events so that docklets now have a normal right-click menu. "Icon Settings" will configure the docklet
- Fixed problem where docklets (iCal) could change the Current Directory and cause problems
- Changed the "hot" area of the dock to only extended to the edge of your monitor if any of the following are true: AutoHide is enabled, Popup on Mouseover is enabled, or the Edge Offset is greater than zero
- Changed to better clean up "ghost" settings from deleted icons/filters
- Added TinyCC as an embedded compiler for our upcomming "Mod" system
- Fixed minor defect in detecting the mouse being in/out of the dock
- Fixed Vista problems with RocketDock.dll and RocketClock.dll using the wrong Code Generation type
- Changed Popup on Mouseover to only steal focus in "Normal" layering mode
- Added per-icon "Open Running Applicaiton Instance" options
- Changed "Find Target" into a "..." button
- Fixed OD Docklet bug that would crash docklets that browsed for icons durring OnCreate()
- Fixed RocketDock.dll crashing on Vista
- Fixed AutoHide+Minimize jumping
- Fixed crashing when restoring multiple windows (by unchecking "Minimize Windows to the Dock")
- Fixed visual glitches when minimizing windows
- Added Window Filtering (hold Control+Alt+Shift when minimizing to create/delete filters)
- Rewrote thread synchronization.
- Added "Disable Minimize Animations" option
- Fixed OD Docklet API DockletGetLabel(). It now returns the char count
- Fixed ini quote limitation
- Added a "Debug Info" button to save useful bug report information
- Fixed Calendar Docklet images being cut off or scaled incorrectly
- Fixed Flickering/Popping Down after a display change (or playing a game)
- Fixed random crashing when right-clicking on icons
- Fixed Volume Docklet "popup menu" bug
- Fixed problem with some TrueType fonts displaying improperly
- Fixed crashing on 1-bit icons by not reading them with Gdiplus (which apparently can't handle them)
- Fixed skin appearing in upper-left momentarily on startup
- Updated the installer
- Many tiny internal changes

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