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Paint.NET 3.05 Beta

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Paint.NET 3.05 Beta  Cambio de registro

- New: Pencil Sketch effect
- New: In Windows Vista, the new-style Save/Open dialogs are used
- Changed: The View->Units, Image->Flip, Image->Rotate, and Layers->Flip submenus have been "flattened" (their commands were moved out into the View, Image, Image, and Layers menus respectively)
- Improved: Download size reduced by about 300 KB by using PNGOUT
- Improved: Some uses of confusing "MessageBox" style dialogs have been changed to a much friendlier "TaskDialog" style interface
- Improved: When changing the language, Paint.NET can now restart itself automatically
- Improved: Performance for Move Selected Pixels tool for quad-core systems
- Removed: The "Clear History" button has been removed because it was not very useful
- Fixed: Sometimes the Colors window would get "lost" between sessions of Paint.NET
- Fixed: Stack-overflow crash when using certain effects, such as Gaussian Blur, on very large images with certain settings (such as a 200 pixel radius)
- Fixed: When canceling the multi-image Unsaved Changes dialog, the input focus was sometimes confused
- Changed: Renamed PdnLib.dll to PaintDotNet.Core.dll
- Fixed: Very rare race condition in background thumbnail renderer

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