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# New Features
* Faster Startup
* Improved ODF 1.2 encryption support
* Spreadsheet: TIME function returns values 00:00:00 <= x <= 23:59:59.999
* Spreadsheet: Renamed \"DataPilot\" to \"Pivot Table\"
* PivotTable has been extended
* Spreadsheet: New CSV export option, \"Quote all text cells\"
* Improved CSV export
* Spreadsheet: Unlimited number of fields in Pivot Table layout dialog
* MailMerge: Scan rows for correct type information for Text databases
* Math: new option to save only used symbols for each formula
* Formula: Automatic baseline for Math objects
* Math symbol catalog now supports UTF-32 characters
* Draw/Impress default enhancements:
- Better defaults for Impress & Draw snap.
- Changed default for \"copy when moving\".
- Better defaults for grid settings in Impress & Draw
- Better defaults for bullet spacing and indention
- Animate outline shapes \\\'By 1st level paragraphs\\\' as default
- New default colors of drawing objects
- Setting default shadow distance for shapes to 0.2cm
- Enhancement to the \"mouse as pen\" feature in impress slideshow
- Default full width for text in shapes
- Change outline default bullet symbol order from \\\'Oo-\\\' in \\\'O-O-O\\\'
- Shortcut for inserting comments changed
* Better UI Defaults for Draw and Impress
* Draw/Impress: Setting pixel resolution when exporting graphics
* PDF File Size Reduction
* Password entry in PDF export dialog changed
* Base: Mozilla Address Book support removed, in favor of Seamonkey
* Base: List box controls: \"Bound field\" is allowed to be 0
* Base: object trees: selecting entries by typing their name
* Base: Scan rows for correct type information for Text databases
* Stylist / Navigator / Options Dialog: selecting entries by typing their name
* ODF Spreadsheet supports new Conditional Functions
* Chart: Resizeable Legend
* Chart: Date Axis
* Time Axis supported in Chart
* mproved Printing on Unix
* Gstreamer is available now to use to playback multimedia content in OpenOffice documents (e.g. audio and video in Impress presentations). Note that Gstreamer (and the appropriate gst-plugins) need to be installed in system.
* Enhanced RTF export
* Remove binfilter export filters
* Various BugFixes
* Calc: Faster LP solver.
* Apache Tomcat updated.
* Support for Line Cap Property
* Support for shear transformations for GraphicObjects
* Support for attributes and transformations for OLEObjects
* Enhanced crop support for GraphicalObjects
* Support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
* Support for MultiImage in ODF
* Enhanced chart visualization
* Writer: Asian Language Word Count
* New regular expressions (regexp) engine
* New Color Picker dialog 3 Construye Comentarios

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