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Mozy Home 2.12.0

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# New or Changed Features
* Status Window Shows Deleted Files
* History Window Shows Deleted Files
* Restore Tab Shows Deleted Files
* Time Limit for Suspended Backups
* When a Scheduled Backup Is Missed, Back Up Automatically
* More Options on the Pro Settings window
* DFS Replication for SYSVOL Supported for Active Directory Restores
* Stash Folder Excluded from Backups
# Bug Fixes
* The Setup Wizard window now opens more quickly during installation, making less likely to seem as if the program is hung.
* Ensured that on the Proxy Settings window, when the username and password fields are required but empty, that the OK button cannot be used. This makes it more difficult to set up proxies with missing information.
* Improved the speed of opening the File System tab on the Settings window.
* Improved Japanese translation of text on Status window regarding when the last successful backup occurred.
* Improved performance of backups when the setting to Automatically detect proxy settings is enabled but no proxy is set.
* Addressed an issue causing an invalid temporary folder to be defined under specific conditions.
* Address issue causing local backup to report EFS errors for files not encrypted with EFS under specific conditions.
* Pro can now be more cleanly reactivated multiple times when same escrowed encryption key is used.
* Resolved some issues backing up and removing network shares under specific conditions.

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