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Macrium Reflect 5.0.4033  Cambio de registro

* Added unattended restore for the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK).
- Customers using the MS WAIK to create a Windows PE rescue CD can now initiate an unattended restore.
* New option to remove user files on uninstall.
- The uninstaller now gives the option to remove all user files, not including images or backup files, during application removal. In the Control Panel take the 'Modify' then 'Remove' for this option.
* Increased the total number of supported attached local disks to 40.
- Macrium Reflect now supports up to 40 attached local disks for image and restore.
* Improved drive letter allocation logic when restoring.
- If drag and drop is used for restoring to a different partition, the drive letter of the partition being replaced is used for the newly restored partition by default.
* Additional logging for driver injection.
- A file is now created 'media_drivers.log' in the Macrium Program data folder that logs the auto driver injection process for Windows PE.
* USB rescue media enhancements.
- Support for a wider range of USB flash media types.

# Bug fixes:
* 'Disable VSS Writers' option not available.
- This option in the default properties was greyed out for Server 2003. This has now been enabled.
* Error in test email message box text.
- Reported as being sent to the 'sender' not the 'recipient'. This has been resolved .
* Server SBS 2011 Widows Event log issues.
- The channel used to report Macrium Reflect event logs has been renamed to avoid a conflict with MS Exchange.
* Error in image path name during restore.
- If the path to an image file had multiple consecutive spaces this could cause the restore process to be unable to locate the image file. This has been resolved.
* Linux Rescue CD image date error.
- Encrypted image files would show a backup date of 1/1/70. This has been resolved.

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