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LimeWire 5.4.5

2,576 Descargas

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LimeWire 5.4.5  Cambio de registro

  • Add the ability to sort uploads by host name.
  • Fix a bug in which a mouse-over an upload messed up transfer rates and progress.
  • Fix a deadlock which appeared during shutdown.
  • Fix a bug in which videos play in a separate frame on Windows XP.
  • Prevent a video from restarting from the beginning when exiting or entering full screen mode.
  • Fix an exception when playing an mp4 video with DirectShow.
  • Prevent the native window from flashing when staring a DirectShow playback.
  • Fix a fatal error detected by the Java Runtime Environment when playing a video.
  • Fix an error when switching to full screen to watch an mp4 video in Mac OS X.
  • Allow a video to launch in the LimeWire Media Player if selected from File > Recent Downloads.

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