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IZArc 3.7.1430

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IZArc 3.7.1430  Cambio de registro

- Fixed: extract archives in folders with too long names
- Fixed: Extract of RAR archives with non English filenames
- Fixed: add hundreds of selected files using shell context menu
- Fixed: create CAB archives containing files and folders with relative path
- Fixed: create/update ZIP archives on USB drive
- Fixed: extracting of .Z archives containing files with no extension.
- Fixed: print Archive content
- Fixed: open an archive from favorites folders
- Fixed: extract ARJ SFX archives
- Fixed: 100% CPU usage when open file from an archive
- Fixed: modify encrypted files from an archives
- Fixed: wrong file extension when convert archive
- Improved 7-Zip BCJ2 compression
- Added "Open with IZArc" shell context menu item for all supported archives
- Added option to show shell context menu items for compressing archives
- Added option to include/exclude folder information when using "Add to.." shell context menu items
- Updated RAR DLL library
- Some small improvements
- Updated translations

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