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Inno Setup 5.2.3

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Inno Setup 5.2.3  Cambio de registro

* Improved support for right-to-left languages (Arabic and Hebrew):
Added new [LangOptions] section directive: RightToLeft. If set to yes, text alignment and reading order will be reversed (with some intentional exceptions), and controls will be arranged from right to left ("flipped").
* Added new [Setup] section directives: VersionInfoProductName and VersionInfoProductVersion.
* Changed the fixed Language field in Setup's version info from "English (United States)" to "Language Neutral".
* Uninstall now supports custom message constants ({cm:...}) like Setup.
* Right-to-left-related Pascal Scripting changes:
o The control flipping that is performed when RightToLeft=yes is mostly transparent, normally requiring no changes to existing code. Controls created on custom wizard pages will be flipped automatically after the InitializeWizard event function returns, and controls created on custom forms will, by default, be flipped the first time the form is shown.
o Changes to TSetupForm (the class used for custom forms):
+ Added RightToLeft Boolean property (read-only): True if right-to-left text alignment and reading order is enabled on the form. The RightToLeft [LangOptions] directive determines the value of this property.
+ Added FlipControlsOnShow Boolean property: If True (the default setting if RightToLeft is True), controls on the form will be flipped the next time the form is shown. After the form has been shown, the property is reset to False automatically.
+ Added ControlsFlipped Boolean property (read-only): True if the controls have been flipped.
+ Added FlipControlsIfNeeded method. This flips the controls immediately if FlipControlsOnShow is True, then resets FlipControlsOnShow to False.
o Added new classes: TNewEdit, TNewMemo, TNewComboBox, TNewButton, TNewCheckBox, TNewRadioButton, and TNewListBox. On these classes, right-to-left text alignment and reading order is used when the parent TSetupForm's RightToLeft property is True.
o TNewStaticText: Added ForceLTRReading property. If set to True, the text will always be rendered with left-to-right reading order, overriding the parent form's RightToLeft setting.
* Other Pascal Scripting changes:
o TNewStaticText: Added AdjustHeight method. This adjusts the value of the Height property to fit the text. Only useful when AutoSize is set to False.
o Added new object UninstallProgressForm of class TUninstallProgressForm. Also added new event function InitializeUninstallProgressForm, which is called after the Uninstall progress form has been created and before it is shown. See the help file and the CodeClasses.iss example script for more information.
* Added workaround for bug in Windows Vista (still present in SP1): With UAC turned off, launching an uninstaller from the Programs and Features Control Panel applet and answering No at the confirmation message box would cause a "This program might not have uninstalled correctly" dialog to be displayed, even though the uninstaller includes a proper "Vista-aware" manifest.
* IDE changes:
o The New Script Wizard now generates random unique AppId [Setup] section directives.
o Added new Tools | Generate GUID command.
* QuickStart Pack: added ISPP functions GetMD5OfFile, GetMD5OfString and GetFileDateTimeString.
* Minor tweaks.

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