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  • Added: New \'Sector Viewer\' feature - within the \'Tools -> Drive\' menu and the device context menu.
  • Added: Log windows \'Save As\' box now defaults to/remembers the last folder you saved to.
  • Added: \'Open File\' / \'Save File\' / \'Browse for folder\' dialog boxes are now centred when displayed.
  • Added: Checking/unchecking the \'Delete Image\' checkbox during a burn/verify now also updates the Queue window (if it\'s open) to reflect those changes.
  • Added: Support for newer LiteOn drives & their new features in the \'Advanced Settings\' window.
  • Added: \'UDF Revision\' of the Image file to the log and to the tooltip/hint of the volume label text shown in main window.
  • Added: \'Volume Identifier\' (aka. volume label) of the Image file to the log when burning / verifying.
  • Added: Device Buffer and CPU % Usage to IBG data file.
  • Added: Ability to remove the warning about overburning for people that use it all the time!
  • Added: Support for setting the action to be performed when the \'shutdown computer\' box is ticked. Options are: Log Off, Restart, Turn Off, Stand By, Hibernate.
  • Added: New context menu to \'Shutdown Computer\' checkbox (visible when burning / verifying). This provides a shortcut to the \'Shutdown Action\' options.
  • Added: \'Layer Jump Recording\' has now been fixed (Thanks to a nice man at LiteOn) and is no longer always disabled. Due to the weird way it works, it\'s actually very pointless and not at all what I originally thought/hoped it was!
  • Added: Ability to disable the \'Shutting down...\' window that lets you abort the shutdown.
  • Added: \'/IBG \">\"\' CLI parameter. This will make the program export the graph data to that file when it finishes burning/verifying.
  • Added: Setting ImgBurn to be the default program for the selected image file extensions now refreshes the Shell Icon Cache to you can see the changes without a reboot.
  • Added: A few more errors codes to where the automatic tray cycling code comes into play between writing and verifying if there is an error.
  • Added: Errors are now looked at/checked for when using certain lengthy commands - i.e. Sync Cache, Close Track / Session / Disc. This now works for those where the \'IMMED\' (immediate) bit is set - i.e. after burning. Previously, errors during these stages would go unnoticed.
  • Changed: Default IBG naming to something more useful.
  • Changed: Tweaked the \'max speed\' capturing code a little more to help reduce the chance of \'spike\' speeds becoming the max value.
  • Changed: \'Layer Jump Recording\' warning message has been replaced by a \'Layer Break on DVD-R DL\' warning.
  • Fixed: Stupid problem with the OS caching the image file as it\'s read into the internal buffer. This often lead to running low on memory and hence use of the hdd swap file - causing major buffer problems for some people.
  • Fixed: /TESTMODE CLI switch bypassed the normal checks for \'Test Mode\' not working on certain media - i.e. DVD+ format discs.
  • Fixed: Bug with \'Open/Save File\' dialog boxes being open and still being able to close the program from the task bar. This often led to an internal never-ending loop somewhere.
  • Fixed: Compressing the ImgBurn.exe file with UPX caused problems (BSOD\'s) on Windows 9x so this will not be used again. PECompact will be used instead.
  • Fixed: \'Delete Image when done\' being unchecked on queued images as a result of resetting the controls on the screen ready for the next image.
  • Fixed: It wasn\'t possible to click the \'Write\' button if the currently selected drive wasn\'t in the \'ready\' state - even if that drive wasn\'t used by any images in the queue.
  • Fixed: Problem with using CVS version of NSIS installer on Windows 98. The Welcome / Finish screens were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: Problem with updating the IFO files when burning DL images where layer break position needed to be moved.
  • Fixed: The \'Shutting down...\' window had problems when triggered by the \'Shutdown computer\' option visible when burning.
  • Fixed: CD MDS files weren\'t being accepted as valid single session / track MDS files - when really they were!
  • Fixed: Discovery mode\'s Verify was including the \'parse filesystem\' code - which of course failed as it\'s not a real image.

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