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ICQ 5.1

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ICQ 5.1  Cambio de registro

This version does not work functionally. Tested on Windows 98 on 12/10/2015. You can still download it and it installs (watch out for the checkboxes that prompt you to install a toolbar, one of those spyware monetization features we use old versions to avoid).

New in this version:
- tZers - send short Flash animations to your Contact List friends.
- Two new Boyz and Girlz skins available for download.
- Quick access to send SMS messages to ICQ and non-ICQ Contacts (now called SMS Contacts).
- New option to select the login status.
- Notifications when contacts are online.
- New emoticons (old emoticons still available).
- Devil and nickname displayed on the top of the Contact List.

- Improved Voice Chat sound quality using the latest VOIP technology (GIPS)
- Improved sign-up process.
- Improved User interface - text menus.

- Add and Find Contacts button moved to the Contacts menu.
- Group Mode and Show Online Only buttons moved to the Contacts menu.
- Sort Contacts option moved to the Contacts menu.
- Find Contacts (in the Contact List) option moved to the Contacts menu.
- Adding an SMS Contact is now available from the Add and Find Contacts dialog.
- Xtraz Center shortcut button moved to the bottom of Contact List's Xtraz Panel.

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