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GPU-Z 0.6.3

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GPU-Z 0.6.3  Cambio de registro

- Added support for NVIDIA GT 620, GT 630, GT 640, GTX 660, Tesla M2090, Quadro 1100M, Quadro 5000M, NVS 5400M, G610M, GT 620M, GT 630M, GT640M LE, GT 660M
- Added support for AMD Trinity, HD 7570, HD 7670, HD 6610M, HD 7550M, HD 7850M, HD 7520G, HD 7640G
- Added warning when OpenCL detection crashed (usually caused by buggy Intel Ivy Bridge GPU drivers)
- Fixed OpenCL detection for Intel, AMD Cape Verde
- Improved NVIDIA Kepler boost clock detection
- Shader clock readout will now be "N/A" when not available
- Bus interface for Fusion and Intel SB/IB will now be "N/A"
- Fixed crash on ATI related to BIOS reading
- Added GPU Power consumption monitoring for Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge
- Added voltage monitoring for HD 7700 Series
- Fixed crashes on Windows 8
- Installer will not be launched when GPU-Z is started using -dump
- Added Icon and Publisher name to Installer
- Sensor log checkbox will uncheck properly

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