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GOM Player Beta  Cambio de registro

- better Windows Vista support
- play SWF, FLV(Flash Video) files
- addressed several subtitle issues
. fixed a bug when displaying subtitles in MKV files as an image
. fixed a bug when displaying subtitles on image
. support SubRipper(.srt) subtitle files
. support MicroDVD(.sub) subtitle files
. support Unicode SRT, SSA, ASS files
. support subtitles in .txt extension
. support SSA, ASS format
. fixed a bug displaying VMR subtitles
- suggests installation of Windows Media Codec when there's an issue with WMV streaming
- displays background image on "center" works correctly
- fixed a bug where the program froze after saving audio/video settings
- added "No Action" for double-clicking left mouse button
- fixed Gretech MP4 Source filter's media type information
- added bit rate information on "Playing File Info.."
- right click shows a pop-up menu on caption
- proper window size for Preferences
- auto deinterlace feature for playiing DV video
- supports MPEG2-AAC for MP4 files
- fixed a bug where the process doesn't die after quitting
- screen capture folder is moved to My Documents
- properly plays large OGM files
- added /fullscreen /maximize as command line options
- fixed a bug with changing audio sample rate
- better file opening with threads
- fixed a bug with playing WVX, WMX files
- more options for right click
- fixed a bug with screen capture when streaming
- fixed a bug with Winamp DSP plug-in
- added hide recently played folder feature
- improved voice correction for playback speed control
- detailed error message for HTTP streaming errors
- fixed a bug with "File Open" window
- bigger title section on the default skin
- other issues are addressed

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