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Firebird 2.5.0

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Firebird 2.5.0  Cambio de registro

# Fixed
* Core Engine/API
- (CORE-3115)The internal record compression routines exhibited some bugs.
- (CORE-3103)A SELECT statement incurred more non-indexed reads in the third v.2.5 release candidate than the same statement in v.2.1.3.
- (CORE-3101)ALTER DOMAIN was not possible in a database that had been migrated from an earlier version.
- (CORE-3100)The WAIT mode and lock timeout parameters for the external transaction of EXECUTE STATEMENT were not matched to the corresponding parameters of the local transaction.
- (CORE-3096)A regression introduced with the fix for CORE-2893 caused double processing of nodes when preparing a statement, prompting an abort to occur in the debug build.
- (CORE-3094)Parameters would not work with NOT IN from a selectable stored procedure.
- (CORE-3090)Incorrect LEFT JOIN result using table and derived constant subquery.
- (CORE-3089)Attempt to run EXECUTE STATEMENT on an external data source failed when the data source was an InterBase 4.1 (ODS 8) database.
- (CORE-3079)Batch inserts were noticeably slowed down if they were all executed in a single transaction and involved triggers that posted events.

* Server Crashes
- (CORE-3109)The server would crash when isc_dql_exec_immed3_m() was called for CREATE DATABASE ... in a NULL transaction.

* Command-line Utilities
- gsec
- (CORE-3116)The gsec utility was sending its output list of users to stderr instead of stdout.

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