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FileZilla 3.1.1 RC1

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FileZilla 3.1.1 RC1  Cambio de registro

3.1.1-rc1 (2008-08-04)

+ If using "Ask for password" and "Interactive" logon types, a username is now optional in the Site Manager
+ New iconset: OpenCrystal
+ MSW: Whether icon sets should be installed or not can be seleted in the installer
- Fix parsing of URLs containing port number in quickconnect bar
- Fix handling of local write errors if downloading files
- If closing FileZilla, the queue is now properly saved using a backup copy to prevent corruption of queue file
- Slight performance improvement if opening settings dialog, language and theme pages are now populated on demand
- Reply to server's shutdown notification on SSL/TLS secured downloads if connection still open
- After downloading files, local file count did not update
- "My Sites" in Site Manager should not be dragable
- Fix entering IPv6 addresses in Site Manager
- Directory cache was incoherent after renaming a directory
- Several fixes to new socket class
- MSW: Starting a bounding box selection (Windows calls it marquee selection) did not set focus to the file lists

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