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Duplicati 1.3.3

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Duplicati 1.3.3  Cambio de registro

- We added support for long filenames under windows, so that you can now backup large hierachies of folders and files with lengths names.
- Duplicati now pauses when the computer wakes up from hibernation to give the system some time to calm down before the backup sources are parsed for changes.
- Symbolic links and NTFS junctions are now supported. In the advanced options under "symlink-policy" you can now specify how symboloc links are handled: store|follow|ignore.
- It is possible to exclude files based on their attributes. You can exclude e.g. hidden files or system files from your backup. The advanced option for this is called "exclude-files-attributes".
- VSS under Windows XP got a speed boost.
- The Tonido backend is now supported with the WebDAV backend.
- We also updated the German and French translations (French was broken in 1.3.2).
Fixed: German translation updated ( issue #657 ). We received a few improvements and added these now.
- Fixed: Unable to translate Unicode character \uDC63 at index 72 to specified code page ( issue #480 )
- Fixed: Only single volume uploaded (introduced in build 1388 and fixed in r1437 and r1438), issue #692
- Fixed: Infinite number of empty volumes created if last file spans volumes (introduced in build 1348 by r1437), issue #693
- Fixed: workaround for crash that occurred after backups were completed (r1452)
- Fixed: handling of invalid file timestamps for S3 (r1450)
- Fixed: Upload issue with Google Drive ("Failed to upload file"), issue #637
- Fixed: Donation link lead to Danish page (r1388). This is now in English. Feel free to try that out and see if it stays English when you make a donation ;-) If you do not like Paypal, you can also send Bitcoin. Our wallet is 1ADgoUoE9uN725Ypeh9M9WTKFLJzfWWMBh

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