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CuteFTP 8.0

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CuteFTP 8.0  Cambio de registro

  • Improved resume logic in the TE
  • Corrected trial period to apply to all users
  • Improved script recording
  • Changed the \"max connections\" limit to \"max transfers\" to allow unlimited connections
  • Corrected a problem causing timeout while uploading via SFTP to a Fedora Core 2 Linux server
  • Corrected an issue in which enabling server side filtering filters caused the remote pane to stop refreshing
  • Improved the performance of lockstep navigation
  • Added Podcasting
  • Added GZIP compression for Backup Remote Folders
  • Corrected an issue in the installer where Google Toolbar installed automatically. The Google Toolbar is now only installed when the user selects to install it
  • Improved the handling of various conditions that might cause the GUI to lose connection to the TE
  • Improved the wording of miscellaneous text messages to improve readability
  • Corrected Failure of application to properly close FTP sessions results in socket error on large files
  • Added the ability to OpenPGP encrypt and decrypt files in FTP Pro
  • Added the ability to backup from a local system to a remote host
  • Improved the connection wizard to provide a better user experience
  • Improved Site Search abilities
  • Added Turbo Transfer for FTP Home
  • Improved the existing directory comparison feature by using color coding to highlight differences for FTP Pro
  • Added Trouble ticket generator
  • Improved Bookmark usability
  • Added podcasting manager
  • Improved usability of log files by including timestamps by default
  • Changed \"Execute\" to \"Open\" in context menu to make the function more easily understood
  • Replacing existing dialogs with step-by-step wizards
  • Improved Macro Usability
  • Corrected Rename File sorting/highlight issue
  • Improved Navigation Pane Tab Visibility
  • Improved Mode Z options
  • Added Right Click Shell Extension for FTP Pro
  • Improved Localization: Move embedded strings to resource file
  • Improved Registration Error Messages
  • Improved FTP Error Messages
  • Added option to hide \"Smart Keep Alive\" from the log files
  • Improved Time Zone Synchronization
  • Added \"custom command\" event to Transfer Events
  • Enabled registration server to record Trial information at registration time
  • Added \"Exit\" button to editor in Home mode
  • Added Site Manager Connections to Quick Connect drop-down menu
  • Addressed reports of errors during install on Windows Vista Beta
  • Addressed reports of errors during install on Windows x64.

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