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CrossLoop 2.60

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CrossLoop 2.60  Cambio de registro

#Windows 7 : This new version of CrossLoop is fully compatible with Windows 7.

# Non-Administrator (Standard User) Install : CrossLoop can now be installed on Vista and Windows 7 without administrator privileges.

# Remote Connection Information : Once a screen sharing session begins, the client "Remote Connection Info..." menu can be selected to display information about the remote client. This is particularly important for CrossLoop Helpers (Access Computer) because it shows the state of the remote client User Access Control (UAC).

Remote Connection Information (Sample display)
Color Depth (Pixels) - 8
Number of Monitors - 2
Screen Width - 3360
Screen Height - 1050
ANSI Code-Page Identifier - 1252
Operating System Version - (Win Vista)
Product Type - 0x00000003
CrossLoop Client Version - 2.60
User Access Control (UAC) Enabled - No
Member of Administrators Group - Yes
Operating System Type - 32-bit

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