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AC3Filter 0.64b

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AC3Filter 0.64b  Cambio de registro

  • Much of testing
  • + Speaker configuation can be changed when playing
  • (no more need to stop playback). Thanks to Gabest for ideas
  • + Bass redirection option
  • + 100Hz-7000Hz filter for Dolby Surround/ProLogic downmix
  • + Automatic switching speakers to PCM 16bit stereo
  • if selected mode is not supported. ('Some streams
  • are in unsupported format' error message)
  • + Time delay can be specified as diatance to speakers
  • + You can now switch using ac3filter or other installed
  • decoder (for NVDVD)
  • ! Reject to work with SPDIF on some systems bug fixed.
  • ('Some streams are in unsupported format' error message)
  • ! Video stuttering with SPDIF fixed
  • ! Silent center/surround (-3dB gain removed for center/surround)
  • ! Surround decoding matrix changed
  • ! W98/ME config crash fixed
  • ! W98/ME ControlPanel icon is working now
  • ! W98/ME 'Use WaveOut' & 'Use DirectShound' files fixed.

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